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Innolux – Home of Good Light.

Innolux is an expert in creating inviting, comfortable lighting. Our products are a combination of excellent light, functionality and elegant Finnish design.

Interested in Scandinavian design and well-being? We offer an extensive selection of lighting solutions designed for you. The excellent light and quality design of Innolux products will uplift your spirit. To improve your overall well-being, choose one of our bright light therapy lamps.

Good light comes from no-glare light fittings which also meet the needs for more demanding purposes when necessary.

Innolux is an international award-winning designer of lights. Our products are innovative and their effects have been scientifically proven.

Innolux has three collections: Design, Bright and Pro.

The Innolux Design collection brings you atmosphere and excellent, no-glare lighting – reliably, at reasonable prices and with high-quality Finnish design and production.

Innolux Bright is a collection of functional, aesthetically pleasing bright light appliances that boost your health and well-being. Their technology is founded on Finnish knowhow.

Innolux Pro is a collection of reliable, long-life light fixtures made from high-quality components. Our quick delivery times, easy installation and excellent availability of spare parts make us a reliable partner for all kinds of projects.

Browse our 2013-2014 Innolux Design & Bright catalogue

Download our 2013-2014 Innolux Design & Bright catalogue (pdf 7,6 Mt)
Browse our 2013-2014 Innolux Pro catalogue

Download our 2013-2014 Innolux Pro catalogue (pdf 2,95 Mt)

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