Künstler, Designer (1925-1984)

Designer, entrepreneur and painter

Yrjö Harsia was born in 1927 at Kivennapa, Finland,... Read more

Vilja-Valpuri Laxenius graduated as a designer in early 2011 from Helsinki Metropolia University... Read more

Designer (born1988)

Tuula Vitie is a product designer who knows two different cultures,... Read more

Timo Niskanen studied industrial design at Aalto University School of Art and Design and is... Read more

interior architect, designer

Terhi Tuominen specializes in furniture and spatial design.... Read more

Textile designer, entrepreneur

Teija Marjamaa has worked with glass all her life,... Read more

Innenarchitekt (geb. 1969)

Künstler, Designer (geb. 1949)

Industrial designer
b. 1981

Designer Niilo Konttinen graduated from the Metropolia... Read more

Mikko Kentta, designer, entrepreneur (born 1979)
Kirsi Pasanen, designer, entrepreneur (... Read more

Mirja Orvola’s scope of work has been broad both at home and abroad. By profession she is an... Read more

b. 1974

Mikko Laakkonen comes from Espoo, Southern Finland. Having trained... Read more

b. 1981

Having studied design in the Savo region and Turku in Finland and... Read more

Grafikdesigner (geb. 1936)

Martti Jännes ist ein renommierter Designer, Animator und... Read more

Möbel- und Textildesignerin und Innenarchitektin (1907-1989)

b. 1983

Kirsi Enkovaara graduated with a degree in furniture design from... Read more

Designerin (geb. 1983)

Jussi Ahola is one of the great innovators of modern furniture design and is a globally reknown... Read more

Pasila Design

Juho Pasila, designer (born 1977)

By profession... Read more

Both of these young designers share a joint quality of innovative mind and the will to design... Read more

Tischler, Designstudent (geb. 1988)

Jarkko Oja hat sein Designstudium an der University... Read more

Product designer (b. 1986)

Isa Kolehmainen has graduated as a product designer from the... Read more

Master of Art, paper artist, light installation designer (born 1944)

Irina Pått was... Read more

Sairanen studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and managed his own industrial... Read more

Innenarchitekt, Designer, Professor h.c. (geb. 1932)

Eero Aarnio ist einer der großen... Read more

Industrial designer, Master of Arts

Brita Flander is a globally reknown Finnish designer... Read more

Tapio Anttila (b. 1962)

Finnish interior architect Tapio Anttila is an awarded and... Read more

Muotohiomo is in Helsinki 1992 established service and interior design agency. ... Read more

Lars Vejen's professional passion is very simple: he loves finding and shaping a good idea! He... Read more

Designer, born 1976

Henna Mantere graduated from the University of Lapland as Master of... Read more

Designer, born 1970

Harri Koskinen studied design in Lahti University of Applied Sciences... Read more