Irina Pått

Master of Art, paper artist, light installation designer (born 1944)

Irina Pått was originally educated as an art teacher and later acquired a Masters degree from the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. Her main work since the early 1990s has been the design of luminaires and light installations. Pått has had her own company, Lumidesign, since 1997.

Irina Pått has designed paper lamps for example for Design House Stockholm and participated in several arts exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Light has often been a part of her art works. Larger light installations have been made by combining individual lamps. In 1999 Pått’s Pyry lamp was chosen as the gift for the participants in the Finnish EU Presidency meetings.

Paper lamp traditions have been missing in Finnish design traditions, except for the cardboard lamp shades used in the late 1940s. Inspired by Japanese paper lamps, Pått has designed Finnish paper lamps. Pått is using a metal grid to shape the products, and this contributes as well to the design itself.

“Paper is fragile, but when used right it is also a durable material.”