Mikko Kentta, designer, entrepreneur (born 1979)
Kirsi Pasanen, designer, entrepreneur (born 1979)


Mikko Kentta and Kirsi Pasanen, i.e. Muoto2, have worked variously in the field of product design and production. Kentta graduated as a furniture designer and Pasanen as a designer of applied art. By combining their ideas and skills, they have succeeded in creating products with fine details. Kentta and Pasanen work themselves as designers and carpenters in the company they established in 2010. Muoto2 produces and develops its own products and also produces and develops project furnishings for other suppliers.

The diverse use of materials and participating in the production are this designer couple’s strength. Through their previous education, Kirsi Pasanen is a carpenter, and Mikko Kenta has more than 10 years’ experience in the carpentry industry. In their products, the designers believe in the unpretentious and plain look. They want to combine multifunctionality and cheerfulness in their products, not to forget functionalism. They aim to produce their products in Finland and use materials found nearby.