Niilo Konttinen

Industrial designer
b. 1981

Designer Niilo Konttinen graduated from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2013. Konttinen participated in the Loistavaa! lamp exhibition in early 2013. In the exhibition, Konttinen’s Kuru wall lamps were introduced for the first time to the general public, and cooperation with Innolux began. For Konttinen, aesthetics, practicality, and novelty value are the main starting points for design. He is inspired by nature and architecture. His background as a graphic designer is reflected in his innovative design solutions: he prefers simplified forms and focuses on overall composition. In his designs, Konttinen aims at total balance and harmony. He is also a skilled photographer, capturing everyday situations with a unique twist. In both photography and design, Konttinen perceives everyday matters from a fresh perspective. In his opinion, a good product is personal, simple, harmonious and creates a lasting impression. “As a designer, I scrutinize my environment constantly, trying to find new meanings in matters and objects. My inspiration source can be any interesting shape or product. The main thing is to get new ideas and insights that I can use in my designs aesthetically and functionally.”