Muotohiomo is in Helsinki 1992 established service and interior design agency. Pekka Toivanen and Sami Laine from Muotohiomo have a long workhistory toghther. "Typically Pekka is the one who recognizes the need for change and Sami is the one who finds the concrete solution. We always work together - respecting each others professional knowledge and visions. The end user has also an important role in the designing process, whose visions the designerduo listens in the  ideation stage. Aesthetic qualityis for Muotohiomo careful finishing and know-how in manufacturing.

For Innolux muotohiomo has designed the acoustic Level-pendant lamps. "In the Level lamps the intriguing part is the material which is made from recycled plasticbottles and how does the acoustic feature come out in the form of the lamp. The lamp looks kind of like a church bell, which language is a beautiful silent light" says Toivanen about the product. Multifunctional, acoustic lamps have demand "The recycled material thermoformed technical felt as a lamp material is familiar to us, we have used it succesfully in earlyer projects as well."