Happy Midsummer!

Innolux office will be closed on Midsummer Eve, June 22nd. We are celebrating the beautiful, endless light of Finnish summer nights.

After the long dark winter, we are cherishing the warm summer nights with endless light. People will gather together with friends and family to their summer cottages by the thousands of lakes, or by the sea, to celebrate the nightless night and midnight sun. Bonfires, sauna, beautiful nature, and good food are essential parts of the festivities. 

Did you know that in Lapland, above the Arctic Circle, the nights are non-existing near the Midsummer Day? This great contrast between the everlasting darkness of Finnish winter, and the endless light during summer has made us truly understand the importance of good light. 

To see more of beautiful Finnish nature, and the story of Innolux, please click here to see our brand video.

Hyvää juhannusta! Happy Midsummer!