Akava's Entrepreneur of the Year is Jukka Jokiniemi from Innolux

Jukka Jokiniemi, Doctor of Science (architecture) and CEO, has been awarded the entrepreneur of the year award by Akava.

“Jokiniemi creates a positive image of entrepreneurship based on high expertise. Jokiniemi is positive, unconventional and fearless. This is why he is a good choice to receive this award” says Jarmo Hyvärinen, the chairman of the Akava entrepreneur award- team. Akava is a trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people. The award was distributed for the fourth time.


Jokiniemi has been awarded for his career as an entrepreneur and as a developer of the lighting industry. He has been recognized also for his actions enhancing the employment of disabled. Jokiniemi is a well-liked guest-speaker and lecturer. He lecturers in universities, high-schools and seminars.


Jokiniemi is grateful for this recognition given by his own people and his colleagues at Akava. He states that the award is also a recognition for both the employees of Innojok and the wide co-operation network of the company.


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