Best gift ideas

A timeless piece of design and good light is something we all value. Find the perfect gift from the vast Innolux collection!

The best tips for timeless design gifts below - selected by our own staff!

Table lamps
Innolux Leiju - cute table lamp that can be used to highligh a desired object
Innolux Modern Art - a classic that is suitable to any interior 
Innolux Talo - home of good light

Innolux Lokki - a design classic that provides excellent light
Innolux Laura - a timeless classic for all homes
Innolux Pasila - modern design to a modern home

Bright light therapy devices
Innolux Tubo - dimmable bright light can be used in many ways
Innolux Rondo LED - compact size and great power
Innolux Candeo - the versatile pendant is our customers' all time favourite!