Innolux Candeo is Interior Innovation Winner!

Candeo by Katriina Nuutinen won its category in the Interior Innovation competition 2015 in Cologne.

Innolux Candeo was awarded at the Cologne fair in the Interior Innovation competition as the best of its category and with the title “Winner”.

Katriina Nuutinen has earlier gained Fennia Prize honorary award for the design of Candeo and the pendant has also been chosen as the best lighting fixture in 2013 by a well-recognized Finnish interior design magazine Divaani.

The versatile Innolux Candeo is a regular lamp and a bright light therapy device in one product. With the toggle switch on top of the pendant it is transformed from a design lamp providing a warm light with atmosphere into a bright light. The pendant is available in white, black and red.

Congratulations Katriina!