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Innolux in international media

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Innolux Design

Innolux in interior inspiration site

Innolux MurakkaModern Art and Lokki at the home of Finnish interior designer Minna Haapakoski. Sähköala Koti

Innolux KuplatVilla Luhta

Innolux Kartio by Yki Nummi in a Scandinavian home. Neovia House

Kuplat and Lokki in a romantic villa. Villa Kardemumma

Kuplat by Yki Nummi in a styled apartment. Modernekohome

Ceramic pendant Lambada by Samuli Naamanka. Koti himassa

Innolux Lambada in brick red. Jenni Juurinen

Murakka pendant in a living room. Eko Johanna

Innolux Talo by Mirja Orvola on a porch. Tarja's Snowland

Lameet pendant and art. Miimman

A couple of design pieces by Eero Aarnion on a blogger's home. Omakoti valkoinen

Kupoli table lamp in a bedroom. Sees by Sanni

The classic Innolux Kuplat inspires in a blog. Hopealusikka Puussa

Kuplat found its way home to the blogger. Hopealusikka Puussa

Lokki and a touch of exotic Moroccon and copper in the decor. Hopealusikka Puussa

Lameet in a bedroom. Omalla tavalla

Modern Art used for a styling. Lumolifestyle

Lokki pendant flying around in an article. Iltalehti

Lokki in a Scandinavian kitchen. With all my love

Lokki in a beautiful kitchen. And another: Henna Wondering

Talo table lamp at a blogger's place. Tarja's Snowland

Swan table lamp. Today's today

Innolux classic Lisa by Lisa Johanssson-Pape. Materiantaju

Functional and sympatic Kartiot by Yki Nummi. Neovia's

Innolux Ihanne pendant in a living room. Kotipalapeli

Beautiful, black kitchen at a fair and Laura 190 pendant. Pieni talo Helsingissä

Talo table lamp is perfect also for children's room. Rakentamista ja ruuhkavuosia


Bright light therapy devices

Aurora bright light device chearing up your morning. Kemikaalicocktail

Candeo, combined bright light and regular light at Sanna's place. Sisustus Coco

The yearbook of design, find Innolux CandeoPikku Varpunen

Fii at Hanna Sumari's Elämä on ihanaa -blog

Origo brings energy to the whole family. Eko Johanna

Rondo LED in a home-office Tarja`s Snowland   

Tubo at a kitchen table. Musla

Tubo is also easy to be moved around. Musla                  

Tubo at another kitchen table. Kahvia kiitos

Innolux Tubo combined with yoga, what more can you wish to chear you up? Eveliina Hanski Yoga

Sanna visited us at Innolux showroom. Sisustus Coco