Innolux at Malmö Museum

Finnish design classics from Innolux chosen to be part of Malmo Museum's Finland 100 Years Jubilee.

Finland 100 jubilee is reflected also in exhibitions in Sweden.

From the vast designers of Innolux lamps af Schulten selected few famous designers from the Golden Era of Finnish Design in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as some of the most interesting contemporary Finnish designers. In the exhibition you may find Lokki and Modern Art (design Yki Nummi), Kubo (design Eero Aarnio) as well Concrete table lamps (design Samuli Naamanka) and Beagle table lamp (design Mottowasabi duo). Modern Art designed already in 1955 is also included in the collection of New York Museum of Modern Art.

Innolux Design collection includes lamps with timeless Scandinavian style, quality and functionality and they will be part of Malmo Museums'  Finland 100 Years Jubilee curated by Ben af Schulten. The Exhibition called Finskt fyrverkeri opens May 6th.