Innolux novelties

New product innovation is at the heart of Innolux operation. The Scandinavian style is more diverse than you think - we kindly invite You to have a look!

The latest Innolux designs showcase Scandinavian style at its best, celebrating the beauty of minimalist design, handcrafted materials, dazzling brass parts and natural tones. 

Innolux Kosmos

Kosmos lamp is designed by Tapio Anttila, and awarded with the international Good Design Award. Thanks to its innovative design and circular LED light source, the KOsmos lamp provides soft and glare-free light. The metal shade is shallow and the LED light source is hidden inside the hollow edge of the shade. This results in beaufitul indirect downward lighting. The simplified lightness and timeless design of the Kosmos make it a durable and stream-lined choice for various kinds of spaces. 

Kosmos white available autumn 2019.

Innolux Sula

The imaginatively arftul lamp designed by Jukka Jokinen is made of mouth-blown glass that creates an iullusion of a melting ice block. The unique shapes of the lamps are made with free blowing technique. The hollow brick-shape inside the lamp is finished with sandblasting, and becomes the characterizing element of the product. Sula lamp can also be used as a vase. The water reflects the light beautifully on the table making it more alive. 

Sula available 2020.

Innolux Lambada Savu

The Lambada ceramic lampshades designed by Samuli Naamanka are handmade in Finland. The new production technique called ash glaze creates unique surface texture and earthy colour on the shade. The Japanese tradition of simple and roughly finished art ceramic has greatly influenced Lambada Savu's design. 

Innolux Senator Grey

Lisa Johansson-Pape designed the Senator table and floor lamps in around 1947. Innolux restarted production of the iconic Senator lamps in honour of the centenary of Finland's independence. The product family is now available with a beautiful graphite grey shade and pendant lamp.