Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017

Come and meet Innolux, the makers of timeless Scandinavian lamps at stand A15:01. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February 2017.

Innolux is the leading bright light device and design lamp manufacturer in Finland. Our innovative and timeless lighting fixtures represent the best of Scandinavian style, quality and functionality. We are known for our classics, and are now showcasing our latest innovations from top contemporary Finnish designers.

Tapio Anttila Collecion lamps are making their first appearance as Innolux products. Also at the stand the new classic Valovoima Bright light device design Harri Koskinen.
Our light experts are ready to assist you with any questions about light and illuminating your projects or home.
You are warmly welcome to get to know the Home of good light!

Press quality photos at or download from WeTransfer.

Bright lights:

  1. Valovoima design Harri Koskinen
  2. Candeo design Katriina Nuutinen
  3. Candeo Air design Katriina Nuutinen

New 2017:

  1. Trek (black and white) design Tapio Anttila
  2. Fiber design Lars Vejen
  3. Level L and S (acoustic) design Muotohiomo
  4. Senaattori table lamp design Lisa Johansson-Pape
  5. Senaattori floor lamp design Lisa Johansson-Pape
  6. Leiju S table lamp (colours graphite grey and champignon)


  1. Pasila lamps design Juho Pasila
  2. Cafe pendant lamps design Pauli Partanen
  3. Jasmina acoustic pendant lamp
  4. Jasmina 580 and 800 DALI
  5. Concrete grey and concrete design Samuli Naamanka
  6. Modern Art design Yki Nummi
  7. Lokki 500 and 700 design Yki Nummi