Bright light therapy

A bright light device efficiently compensates for lack of natural light in the dark season. With bright light therapy, increasingly many people have managed to beat the winter blues. A bright light device is a pleasant to give your mood and energy levels a lift when skies are grey. Research shows that bright light therapy increases energy levels and alertness, and helps maintain high work motivation.

Do you suffer from lack of light?

During the dark season, most people suffer from the symptoms of winter blues, which is triggered by the shortness of daylight hours.

Around 12 percent of Finns suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The less severe form of SAD is sub-clinical SAD, which is also much more common, with around 27% of Finns experiencing it. Only 10% of Finns feel that seasonal changes have no impact on their alertness.

Symptoms of sub-clinical SAD or the winter blues include:
lack of energy, daytime tiredness, social withdrawal, annoyance, sadness, craving for carbohydrates, and weight gain.


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