Delivery terms

General order and delivery terms and conditions for resellers – Innojok Oy

These order and delivery terms and conditions are valid starting from 23.5.2014 until further notice. These delivery terms and conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter The Purchaser) with Innojok Oy unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions.

1. Prices
The current Innojok Oy price list specifies the product prices Ex Works Kerava. Customer-specific discounts apply to products that are delivered to the Purchaser’s warehouse.

2. Offers
Offers are valid for the time period mentioned in the offers. If a validity period is not mentioned, the offer is valid for 30 days from the date of the offer.

3. Terms of payment
As per agreement. Products ordered from Innojok Oy remain the property of Innojok until the purchase price has been paid in full. If payment is delayed, we charge interest for late payment according to the Finnish Interest Act for the delay period on the balance starting from the due date.
Advance payment is always required for a first order, after which the terms of payment are agreed on a customer-by-customer basis. Innojok Oy reserves the right to require an advance payment as a condition for the delivery of goods if there is reason to doubt the Purchaser’s ability to pay or the timely payment of outstanding balances.
We reserve 2-3 working days to open an account, after which our sales personnel contact the Purchaser.

4. Orders
Purchasers shall order products from Innojok Oy in writing either by email or fax. We send a written confirmation of the acceptance of and commitment to fulfill the order to the Purchaser by email or fax. Purchasers may not cancel an order without our written approval. After we accept an order, we will take all reasonable steps to make the delivery.
Notifications about delivery times are only estimates and Innojok Oy is not liable for damages when deliveries are delayed. If a product is not available, we will take reasonable steps to fulfill the order as agreed.
If we are unable to deliver ordered products or if we must change the pricing (for example, due to the availability of campaign products or the price structure) because a Purchaser has placed in incorrect or incomplete order, then Innojok Oy is not liable for paying compensation. If we cannot deliver an order without exceeding the agreement or Innojok Oy’s terms and conditions, we have no obligation to make the delivery.

5. Terms of delivery
Deliveries are made from Innojok Oy’s central warehouse, which is located at
Koivunoksa 11, 04200 KERAVA, FINLAND.
The terms of delivery are (Incoterms 2010)
- Ex Works or
- DAP, Delivered at Place, named place of delivery
Deliveries are sent within five (5) working days of the order if the product is in the warehouse.
Delivery and packaging costs are determined by the size of the delivery and added to the purchase price according to the sales personnel’s offer. Delivery and packaging costs are indicated in the order confirmation.

6. Pickups
When Purchasers place an order for pickup, they receive confirmation by email when the products are ready to be picked up. If the products are not picked up within 14 days of the first notification, Innojok invoices for the ordered products.
Pickup place and time:
Innojok Oy, Koivunoksa 11, 04200 KERAVA, FINLAND.
Open weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

7. Back-ordered deliveries
If an entire order cannot be delivered in one batch for reasons under the control of Innojok within the promised delivery period and if the Purchaser cannot accept delivery delays in the entire order, then the products in the order can be delivered in batches. Products that remain back-ordered are delivered as soon as possible at our cost after the products arrive at the warehouse or by agreement with the next delivery.

8. Reclamations
Purchasers shall inspect their goods when they receive them. If the condition of the goods does not comply with the order, if the goods are somehow defective or if the shipment is incomplete, Purchasers must notify us of the issue within five (5) working days of the date the goods were received, after which the required actions to correct the mistake are agreed. Sales personnel organise the return of defective products.
Return instructions:

1. Place a completed return form inside the package. The order number, date, with whom the issue was agreed and the reason for the return must be entered in the return form received from the sales personnel.

2. Pack the product in its packaging in the same manner as when it arrived. Do not return products without protective packaging.

3. Enter the return number received from the sales personnel and the text “Customer return Innojok Oy” in a visible place on the package.

When a product is returned to the warehouse, the reclamation is handled according to the process agreed with the sales personnel.
Option 1: We send a corresponding product/products without charge to the Purchaser within five (5) working days if the products are in the warehouse.
Option 2: We refund the purchase price with a credit note when the product has arrived in the warehouse and after we have confirmed its compliance with the reclamation.

9. Warranty
We are committed to providing the material and manufacturing warranty promised in the product information for the products we deliver. The warranty period begins from the date the goods are delivered.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or other forms of neglect of the goods. Asserting a warranty claim requires that the Purchaser has correctly fulfilled its obligations stemming from the delivery and specified in the agreement.

10. Seller’s liability
When there is a defect, Innojok Oy is responsible within a reasonable time frame given circumstances for taking the good back, for replacing it or for repairing it at our cost. Reclamation must be made with the seller according to section 8. If a customer is not able to detect a fault due to circumstances within the specified time period, reclamations arriving later may be considered at our discretion.
We are only responsible for defects and deficiencies that arise when the good is used correctly and in the correct operating conditions. Defects caused by the Purchaser, incorrect installations, maintenance and repairs, materials and practices or deficiencies and defects in the production processes are not within the scope of the seller’s liability. Normal wear and tear on the goods are also not our responsibility.
Our responsibility for correcting damages is always at most the amount of the purchase price or partial purchase price of the defective, deficient, delayed or undelivered products or delivery lot. We are not responsible for possible production or sales losses incurred by the Purchaser for the mentioned defects or deficiencies or for other indirect costs incurred by the customer.

11. Purchaser obligations
The Purchaser commits to paying the purchase price, possible interest for late payments and collection costs. The Purchaser shall act and in possible reclamation situations return product/products in the manner mentioned in their terms of delivery.

12. Applicable law
This agreement falls within the scope of Finnish law.

13. Settlement of disputes
Interpretation of these order and delivery terms and conditions and of disputes stemming from their application and the relevant related details are ultimately resolved in the district court of Innojok Oy’s domicile.

14. Force Majeure
Innojok Oy reserves the right to cancel an order if a clear mistake has occurred in the pricing or if the seller cannot deliver the order within 60 days due to production delays.
The follow issues are also regarded as cause for claims of force majeure if they prevent the fulfillment of an agreement: general work disputes or other circumstances that the parties cannot control such as fire, war, mobilisation, foreign exchange restrictions.
The other party must be immediately notified of an assertion of force majeure when the situation arises and when the condition ends.