Martti Jännes

Graphic designer

Martti Jännes is a reknown designer, animator and director of advertising films, community communication information packages as well as of educational and informational short films. The production of Jännes has received awards at well known festivals, among others 2 silver and 2 bronze lions at the Cannes Liones International Advertising Festival.

Jännes planned and directed the multitool-program ”Miracle of Light” for the Verne Theater at the Science Center Heureka at the turn of the 80's and 90's. To demonstrate the color theory he developed a transparent color system which function both additively as well as subtractively. While developing the geometric model for the system, the so called color space, Jännes got fascinated with geometry. It became a daily interesting point of thought. To check his thoughts he built small multidimensional models of different materials – both with colors and without. This kind of building Jännes calls crafts therapy.

By coincidence Innojoks MD Jukka Jokiniemi got a clue of the collection consisting of hundreds of pieces built as a result of the crafts therapy, learned more about it, made suggestions, gave clues and assignments, which in turn led to the birth of the lamps Zeneos, Zio and Zone.