Samuli Naamanka

Interior architect (born 1969)

Naamanka is particularly interested in developing and using new materials in his designs. “I usually aim at a new structural solution of aesthetic freshness. When everything clicks into place and the piece becomes a whole, it
seems natural to design an entire range around the first idea. It’s also essential to be aware of the collection’s core: For whom are you designing the product?” Among other things, he has developed a method, which allows images to be etched into concrete.

Naamanka has recently studied and developed various recyclable natural composite materials, from which he had designed both chairs and tableware. For his efforts, Naamanka received an honorable mention from the Finnish Association for Façades, Julkisivuyhdistys, in their 2004 facade competition and a Furniture Designer award from the Finnish Association of Interior Architects in 2005. He was also awarded the Nordiska designpriset in 2008 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.