Expert of light and illumination

Innolux offers wide variety of Finnish design lamps and bright light devices as well as services to both plan and realise lighting solutions.

Innolux has wide variety of lamps suitable to illuminate both public and private spaces. Our Finnish products are known for their high quality and design aesthetics. Innolux also offers services to both plan and realise lighting solutions in the Finnish market. We also manufacture and plan lamps as per order and need.

Our additional services in Finland:

  • Custom light fixtures and lamps for projects
  • Customising existing lamps for projects
  • Contract manufacturing of lamps
  • Lighting planning
  • Remodeling apartments for people with spoor eyesight


What does good light mean to us?

Good light is not only a beutiful lamp, but a combination of elements.

  • Good light gives us energy and vitality. We at Innolux concentrate on light that promotes well-being and is functional and non-glaring, still being efficient enough. In Innolux lamps, the light source is always placed behind shade or glare shield in a way that it doesn't shine directly to the users eyes.
  • Although the functionality of our lamps is the first and foremost goal of our product development, we only make lamps that are also visually pleasing. Good, timeless design prolongs the products' life span.
  • Our lamps are energy-efficient: all Innolux Design products have for a long time been atleast A-class in energy efficiency.
  • Good lamp saves energy also by having a long lifespan. Our products are designed in a way that they will last from one generation to the next.
  • Our products are designed in a way that the light source can easily be changed according to changing needs. For example, with age the need of light increases.
  • We strive to make our lamps multifunctional and to last time both from technical and aesthetical point of view.
  • The components of our products are chosen with care making our products enduring and reliable. And if something happens to go wrong, we offer spare parts for broken shade or or bolt gone missing.
  • Our new products have two-year warranty that applies to the original parts.