Meeri Särkkä

b. 1981

Having studied design in the Savo region and Turku in Finland and in Milan, Meeri Särkkä graduated as a designer in spring 2013. Due to her diverse training, Särkkä’s designs encompass lamps, furniture, prints, public premises, and more. For example, she is responsible for the interior design of Restaurant Kaskis in Turku.

For leisure Särkkä enjoys crochet, dance, and snowboarding – that is, when she’s not rummaging through rubbish skips in search of items with design potential! Särkkä’s designs always take their cue from the material itself: what hints can be found in the material as to how to make the required design not only functional but surprising?  All Särkkä’s work is guided by a rejection of throwaway consumer culture. This gives a strong starting point for each design project.

Särkkä is inspired by ideas that are carefully thought through and perfectly combine functionality, aestheticity, and a rebellious streak. Although Särkkä’s sources of inspiration vary, practical problems she wants to resolve through design are a common starting point in her design.  She is one of the founding members of Muotoilutoimisto Eheen, a design agency. Särkkä is interested in minimalism and need-orientation, which ensures that her designs continue to include multipurpose high-quality products with a long lifespan.