Alma Meeri Särkkä Product family

Alma product family (2010)

The versatility of Innolux Alma surprises the user: it can be hung on the ceiling, placed on the desk top, or mounted on the wall. This provided the starting point for the design of the lamp also: Särkkä wanted a lamp that has multiple uses. The lamp is named after its shape, which resembles a bag (‘kassialma’ is Finnish for a bag lady).  The design of the lamp reflects Meeri’s animated, topical, and fun way of designing.

The explicitly designed carrying handle tells about the mobility of the lamp and also serves as a hook for hanging the lamp on the wall. Thanks to its angular shape, the lamp can be placed in various positions. The wide range of different positions and uses prolong the lifespan of the lamp. Alma is made of moulded Finnish birch veneer and finished with beautiful ash. A LED light source is included with the lamp. Subject to separate order, the cord is available in black/green, or as a ceiling-hung version.


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