Innolux Design collection makes high-quality, non-glaring light more accessible. Our technically and visually sophisticated designs are made to endure – through time, and through changes of fashion. Our expertise and scrupulous choice of first-rate designers ensure top quality and functionality. Over 80 percent of our products are made in Finland.  Our versatile and affordable products bring light and atmosphere to every home.

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Innolux Bright collection includes bright light products, which have been scientifically proven to enhance wellbeing. Our products build on research in the field and on Finnish know-how. Innolux has cutting-edge expertise in bright lights, and a deep understanding of their health impacts. We offer the best solutions for the health-conscious. Close cooperation with Finnish designers ensures that all items in the Innolux Bright collection are top-notch in terms of functionality and decorative impact.

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Innolux Pro is a range of reliable and durable general-purpose and decorative lights designed for professional use, made of high-grade components. Short delivery times, easy installation and ready availability of spare parts make us a reliable partner for all kinds of projects. Our attentive customer service will help you customise the ideal solution for every site and purpose.

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Innolux Design Export collection brings together Scandinavian design and good, non-glaring light. For international sales, we have selected some of our most popular light models. We offer our clients timeless, high-quality lights that last generations.

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